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Crafting Conversations the Hexagono Podcast
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Tim Madeira

one artist, a beach and a bottle of water

Art as an Acceptance to Freedom, Fulfilment and Release

As some of us know, Tim Madeira is a painter, textile artist, and sculptor based in Cascais, Portugal, whose works have been widely exhibited nationally throughout the years. An artist of abstract languages for the “absolute freedom” it dives him into when exploring new materials. His art is a process of free-thinking & feeling, unattached from outcomes, as if it’s part of his DNA. The same way he powers through a new project, he’s easily disconected from it once finished, free from attachments, as an acceptance of need towards discovery that drives into the production process, and fulfilment & release once completed… An emotional journey that reflects his personal history and which you can now watch and listen, and of course, share.

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Ana Luísa Conduto

portuguese psychologist & jurist

Mental Health in the Era of Information

Livestreamed last March 18th 2023, Amadeo Lopes and Gonçalo leandro shared a conversation with Ana Luisa Conduto, a Psychologist and Jurist, focusing on the subject of mental health and wellbeing for the betterment of stronger conscience about ourselves and the society we wish to create, in this challenging beginning of the 21st Century. Titled “Mental Health in the Era of Information”, Ana Conduto was therefor the first of this journey that we share… Crafting Conversations the Hexagono Podcast.

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Maria João Taborda
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