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about us

Hexagono is a dream shared between two friends which found support from other people and two companies and were thus able to manifest the project. Our first concern was to find ways in which we could promote and further the dignification of artisans in Portugal and it quickly expanded to encompass ecological concerns. Structured around a family circle it seeks to gather experiences and examples of active participation in the world’s concern regarding the future of the planet and next generations. We have now matured our ambitions and would like to form a club and a community that is willing to pledge to change, both in regard to ecology and heritage. Hexagono is a platform for gathering, sharing and storing information seeking to involve its subscribers to come and join our pledge.

The companies supporting Hexagono are DaST, dedicated to Landscape Art and Ecological concerns, and WOA, dedicated to crafts and education. You can find the links to their sites here:

The family concern is the Leandro family, a vast Portuguese clan of friends and family members that have established a long tradition in Surf’s History. You can find a link regarding this here:

We have so far developed and recorded small documentaries we call “documents”. Here we share and introduce all the people and projects you will see take shape around these two companies and family. The Channel is curated by Gonçalo Leandro and Amadeo Lopes, the friends that imagineered this concept. Besides the YouTube channel we will feature a monthly podcast to help share the experience and stories of our guests and members. We hope to grow and mutate accordingly maintaining our principles of sustainability, friendship and transparency.

concepts & values

It is our firm belief that Restauro (Restoration) is needed as the guiding force of a generation screaming for change. A combination of apparent contradiction where the future is marked by the ability to change the past and present with new gestures and ways of life that do not damage the planet, while simultaneously cherishing the legacy and working towards the preservation of craftsmanship, ancient buildings and even family unity. We value movement which is expressed not only in the Surf practice and history of this family, but also in the physicality many of the endevours demand. Its not sufficient to imagine but we have to walk the way.

We value inclusion as a means to express the principle that it is not only up to us, but up to all of us regardless of race, gender, economic status etc. We do not engage in any political argument that involves armed action to those we can only say Basta! (enough) We look for children to guide us with their innocent action, using discernment without repression. We also believe in correcting where needed our short fallings, quickly and swiftly, on these values.

Hexagono Docuseries Youtube Channel and Podcast



We have largely debated the current state of over saturation of imagery in this world, but it seems inescapable. The concept of Restoration applies here, we aim to effectively be “back to basics” in our treatment of the documents presented here. Avoiding special effects and elaborate montage design to seduce the eye of the viewer and present a more crude depiction of action without of course being too austere.
The shots and montage are deliberately seeking to give time and space for the visual cortex to identify, discern and taste accordingly, again avoiding assault on the senses. We also do not include anyone that is not willing to see their image or representation on our channel nor record in moments we are firmly told not to. The means of production are not optimal, but we will grow keeping a grounded attitude of working with what is sufficient to deliver the necessary messages.
Finally, we have not come across other formats like ours so its an experiment of sorts.
Be patient please as we intend to grow and evolve our work.

who we are

We are a collective of individual contributors to Hexagono with specific professional tools and experiences gathered. Although we have at the moment more in depth knowledge of such skills. This does not mean it will remain so, therefore we hope to work together in a circle and flexible flow.
Again this collective will grow and develop as well to be able to work and change roles. We also hope many more will join in the future, as it would be fantastic if our community shares with us films of their activities. In order to maintain some coherence we opted to keep curatorship of the channel in the hands of the initial creators of Hexagono.
Friendship and respect is at the basis of this team.

Daniela St Aubyn


Profissional com paixão pela engenharia desde muito pequena. Lutadora dos seus sonhos, entrega de corpo e alma em projetos. Com a vertente de gestão ao longo da experiência, desenvolveu as capacidades de liderança e espírito de equipa para aceitar qualquer desafio.

Marc Vaz Creative & Digital Design


Mariša Semič


My name is Mariša. I grew up in a small country in the middle of Europe, called Slovenia. Spent my childhood and adolescence playing viola and practicing different sports. In the middle of my high school studying, I decided to be a primary education teacher. And I followed my “dreams”.  I went to the Faculty of Education but Erasmus exchange in Lisbon that I did in my fourth year of studying, changed my plans. After graduation I decided to go back to Portugal. But my 2 week holidays in Lisbon extended to almost 10 years. A lot has changed in my life since that time.

Gonçalo Leandro


I was born on March 10th, 1975, at the Lisbon Military Hospital. I thought I was going to be a doctor, but after stumbling upon a restoration workshop I ended up studying at both schools of FRESS – Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva. I then worked for about seven years as a furniture restorer and later in 2003, I ended up founding WOA – Way of Arts, a company that has been developing its activity in the field of heritage conservation and restoration. Arts and crafts in general are an old passion, and so I have tried in the past two decades to dignify the professions associated with them and to place them back where they deserve. The work took me to many places, from the most famous palaces of Sintra, to the Church of Glory in Rio de Janeiro or the Queen’s room at Buckingham Palace, not forgetting a unique experience with Portuguese and Chinese artists and craftsmen in the valleys of Jiu Xian, in China. More recently I returned to writing, with the publication of the book “The Yellow Shirt Man”, I was a co-creator of a documentary channel called h e x a g o n o, and I have been working with various European partners on education projects that aim primarily to highlight the importance of manual practice in building healthier minds.

Amadeo Lopes


My name is Amadeo Lopes I was born in Monte Estoril, Portugal, in 1972. In childhood I was interested in sports. Later in life I become interested in Film and Philosophy. Today I am a documentarist and content reviewer. I have a strong interest in food and wine, world cultures, and world cinema, and enjoy spending time at the beach swimming and just looking at the sky. I am a trailblazer in the field of documentaries in what concerns theory to practice and am not too far from finishing my PhD (Culture Studies, UCP 2016) hopefully in documentary format. I lived and studied in London for 11 years, where I did my BA Hons (2000) and Postgraduate Diploma (2001) in Film Studies and Gender Studies, accordingly. I have a few films under my belt, but continue to think of myself as an amateur always learning and developing. I love to work with people that are friendly and passionate about what they are doing and thus found a spot on the Hexagono project I cherish. We are venturing into new territory, all of us and that is always a fun job to do. I love the unknown and am still curious to engage with the future, making new mistakes and learning some more. Very happy to be here!

Catarina Santos


My name is Catarina Santos, I was born in Paris 1965. I have been involved in filmmaking for over 3 decades in Portugal, nonetheless I started my professional and educational life as a classic dancer. It gave me the discipline and hardworking mindset that allowed me to develop a parallel project in Mindelo, Cape Verde, where I created a Hotel Boutique Casa Café Mindelo, while mothering a lovely daughter that spent most of her childhood in the friendly Islands. When I returned to Lisbon I worked with a colleague Dance Choreographer Aldara Bizarro and manage to get involved with filmmaking again. I refreshed my technical skills with a Post Production in Video course at Restart (date) and followed to enrich my intelectual perspective as a business owner in Cape Verde with a Degree in Anthropology (ISCTE, 2020) at the moment I am half way through the MA in Visual Anthropology (Nova de Lisboa, date). I am very passionate about the Atelier at WOA and the artisans work as well as the story of the objects themselves. I have always been an avid reader of both film and books. I take to the beach every summer and enjoy swimming and walking in the woods with my dog whenever I can. I came to this project in a difficult moment when it was coming off the ground and am very happy to finally see it come to life. I am a perfectionist which can be hard to live with, but I often only critique what I am willing to change or better. I am keen on editing where I can best use this character trait together with a genuine concern for detail and quality. We have a long way to go to find optimum quality and content, but I hope to help whenever I can.

Inês Caeiro


I was born in April, 2003. I am a Psychology Bachelor in ISPA and a dance and photography enthusiast.
My early childhood years were spent in Costa da Caparica, surrounded by nature, family and neighbors. Growing up, I would have the beautiful habit of coming home from school to ride my bike all afternoon.
In 2011, I moved to Lisbon. For 6 years I became a gymnast in GCP, where I had the opportunity to travel and learn a lot about the body and its movements. My academic path seemed destined to the sports world. I was going to become a physiotherapist.
However, during the Covid pandemic, observing everybody stuck with nothing but each other, I got interested in people’s behavior. I decided to study Psychology. And I have now the pleasure to say I volunteered for 2 years in a project impacting the Cruz Vermelha Neighborhood in Lisbon. Us students got to be there for the kids, helping them work on their self-esteem, behavioral habits, educational problems and family issues. I believe I helped them to envisage a brighter future for themselves.
On the other hand, as a teenager I was always very captivated by the creative ways to capture an image — the art of Photography. As an Arts Teacher’s daughter, who continually challenged me to dive into a wide range of artistic experiences, my creative side is always present and wanting to come out. Cinema would be permanently around me.
Becoming a part of HEXAGONO as video editor, allows me not only to continue this path, but to connect image and people, honoring the in-between work. I hope to make justice to the material I will be working with throughout this journey, while gaining new skills and developing the tools to create captivating content — as it deserves to be.


As a restorer I’ve been trying to bring a new life to objects and ancient heritage together with a team that I’ve build up during the past two decades. More then taking good care of what we believe are important material things I’ve been trying to take good care, as much as I can, of my mind and the human heritage with who I’ve been sharing my life. Believe me, some times I got far from achieving it, but the persistence in keeping in track with what I believe are good values, allows me to say that during this last decade I’ve become much more focused and happy then I was before, and that my team, family and friends with who I share my life, have been positively influenced by this change.

In our hexagono channel, has one open community, we’ll welcome individuals, institutions or companies that would like to contribute in different ways like sharing honest and positive contents, spreading our channel through their networking, donating or sponsoring so that we are more supported in our journey. I can say that anyone is welcome to join us in this ride, the only request and it’s not a small one, is that the path you’re creating it’s based on values that include a search for the well-being of us all.

Daniela St Aubyn

curriculum vitae

personal information

birth: 01/07/1988
nationality: Portuguese & Cape-Verde
T.: +351 967 658 169
E-mail: danielastaubyn@gmail.com
Skype: daniela.staubyn


Young and with a passion for engineering since a very young age. Fighter of her dreams, dedication of body and soul in projects. With the management strand throughout experience, she has developed the leadership skills and team spirit to accept any challenge.


Senior Occupational Health and Safety Technician, Level VI | SpiralSoft | 2014
Trainer Pedagogical Skills Certificate – CCP | SpiralSoft | 2013

Course in ATEX and Safety Directive at Galp Energia |Sines Refinery | 2015

Masters and Degree in Civil Engineering – Structures |Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa | 2006-2012 | With a final average score of 15.


English: Fluente (written and spoken)

IT knowledge

Mastery of Microsoft Office tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Autocad 2D.
Basic knowledge of Sap2000, Matlab, ArcGIS, Ftool, Microsoft Project, Tricalc.

personal interests

Passion for books, music and travelling.
Volleyball practice and cardio – fitness gymnastics.

professional experience

Project Manager
Way Of Arts | Since February 2018
Project management, extra works and atelier, financial control and human resources of the company. Preparation of budgets and proposals for public tenders.

Project Manager
NGR – Construções Imobiliárias, Lda. (Lisbon) | August 2017 – December 2017
As a group of 5 companies, my main responsibilities and objectives are to control, manage and participate in all areas, from the purchase and sale of properties, leasing processes, rehabilitation and maintenance.

Project Manager
Liftech, S.A. (Lisbon) | February to August 2017
As project manager of the works in the Central and Southern areas of Portugal, I was responsible for monitoring all installations from the moment of sale until handing over the keys to the customer, namely, the preparation and organization of assembly, follow-up and final tests with certification processes.

Project Manager
Liftech Ltd. (Mozambique) | January to August 2016
Within the scope of the INOV Contacto C20 International Internship, I had as main functions the management of projects and works, organization and management of teams with assembly and maintenance planning. Elaboration of logistics plans for elevators and all the equipment necessary for their assembly and maintenance, ensuring all hygiene and safety procedures on site.

Junior Civil Engineer
Project&Detail | November 2014 to December 2015
As a junior engineer, I participated in the execution of projects and procurements in the field of civil construction, such as: “Detail Engineering Review – Matola New Fuel Terminal”, “Fabrica dos Químicos no PIV”, “Pipeline Design – Matola”.
And project reviews and final document approvals: “Engineering Review –Fishing Port”.

Project Manager
Way Of Arts | September 2013 to October 2014
During the period of the professional internship, my main responsibilities were the management of the company and the studio, both financially and in the management and planning of projects and works. Having participated in the recovery works of the property of the Church of Navegantes in Cascais, the Great Hall of Pena Palace and the Billiards Room of Monserrate Palace.

Academic Internship – Civil Engineering
Project&Detail | March to August 2012
Elaboration of the final master’s work: “Study, design and comparative analysis of costs between two conditions of foundations of a hexane tank” and support in the elaboration/production of projects.

Mariša Semič

curriculum vitae

personal information

Date of birth: 23/06/1989
Nationality: Slovenian


Slovene – Native Language
English – Advanced
Portuguese – Advanced
French – Basic
Croatian – Basic


• Basic knowledge of editing softwares Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.
• Swimming instructor for infants.


Documentary Channel Hexagono
Participation in creation of documentary YouTube channel named Hexagono, principally as a camera operator.


2004 – 2008 / High School
Srednja šola Veno Pilon, Ajdovščina, Slovenia

2008 – 2012 / University
Faculty of Education, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011 – 2012 Erasmus Exchange
Escola Superiorde Educação, Lisbon, Portugal

2021-2022 / Audiovisual Course – Criação e Realização
Restart – Creative Education, Lisbon, Portugal

work experience

2005 – 2007
String quartet wedding preforming

2007 – 2014
Waitress (summer job)

2010 – 2011
Children summer camp animator

2011 – 2012
Tutor in creative workshop for children

Tutor of English course for children

2014 – 2015
Barmaid (Irish pub, Cascais)

2016 – 2021
Waitress (Hotel The Oitavos, Cascais)

2021 – current
Audiovisual creator (Way of Arts, Cascais)

Gonçalo Leandro

curriculum vitae

personal information

Name: Gonçalo de Sousa Mendonça Leandro
Nationality: Portuguesa
Date of birth: 10 de março de 1975
E-mail: goncaloleandro@wayofarts.com


2002 – 2003 / Superior School of Decorative Arts – Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Foundation (FRESS)
Lisbon, Portugal
Post degree in evaluation and preservation of antient furniture

1995 – 1998 / Institute of Arts and Crafts – Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Foundation (FRESS)
Lisbon, Portugal
Craftsmanship expertise | The art of working wood

other personal competences

Native language: Portuguese
English: C1 level
Spanish: B1 level
French: B1 level

main interviews

Diário De Notícias; Revista P3; Rádio Observador; Duas Linhas; Vogue; Jornal Sol; Visão; Time Out; Lisbon Stories; Ponto Final [Macau]; Antena 1; Antena 3; TSF; Sic; TVI.

professional experience

1995 – 2003
Worked as a technical expert in the field of conservation and restoration of cultural heritage;
From 1999 to 2001 developed work in the preventive conservation team of art objects in Buckingham Palace (England)

2003 – today
Way of Arts (WOA) – Founder and executive director;
To be highlighted there is the organization and coordination of different Projects of conservation and restoration of culture heritage and. cultural events, regular participation in conferences and debates, editorial and multimedia production, and the participation in educational projects;
Conservation and restoration| organization of cultural event;
Info at www.wayofarts.com

2021 – today
Co-criation of the documental channel “H E X A G O N O”

2020 – 2021
Author of the novel “O senhor da camisola amarela”

2020 – 2021
Direction and production of the film “to the ones that craft their dream”

2009 – 2010
Cultural content writer for “OJE” Newspaper

Co-author of the book “Culture of the 21St century”

2013 – 2014
Oeiras Internacional School, Teacher of practices in conservation and restoration of heritage

2019 – 2022
Co-development of the project Smart Hands financed by EU

Amadeo Lopes

curriculum vitae

personal information

tm. 0046790211037
email: lopesamadeo11@gmail.com


As a documentary filmmaker and video artist, all of my works are informed by gender issues and, in one way or another, raise questions related to taboo and transgression. Gender issues are also present in my academic life. It was in the Filmology course that I first encountered the subject through the Women’s Cinema course. I went on to Gender Studies at Birkbeck University (post-graduate). Professor Laura Mulvey (author of “Visual Pleasures”) introduced me to a new understanding of cinema and the world. I extensively studied the thoughts of Judith Butler and other contemporaries in the field, as well as the most classic feminist writers and thinkers.

I attended the Catholic University of Portugal’s Doctorate program in Cultural Studies, refreshing my knowledge in new areas such as performance and performativity. With one of my artistic research projects, I received a Millennium BCP Foundation scholarship (2015).

academic qualifications & additional training

2012 (beginning): Doctorate in Cultural Studies. Catholic University of Portugal (Lisbon). Attendance of the curriculum program.
Presentations at Conferences: Goldsmith University, UK/European PhD Network. 2016 Imagineering Women in Contemporary Portuguese Cinema * University of Barcelona/ MOMA/ Culture@Work. 2015 Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t. * LX Consortium. Lisbon Summer School for the Study of Culture. 2013/15 Making of Cinema and Its Gender Implication. – Mermaids and The Voices of Women. Organization of the LX Consortium 2015 Conference Mind The Gap: The Artist in Culture Studies.
2004 Documentary Filmmaking Workshops Varan. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – Creation and Creativity Program (Lisbon)
2001 Postgraduate Gender, Sexuality and Culture. University of London – Birkbeck College (London). Overall mark 2.1
2000 Bachelor in Arts/Honours Degree. Film Studies. – Metropolitan University (London). Overall mark 2.1
1992 Audiovisual Course. IADE (Lisbon). Average 15 values.


English: academic level both spoken and written – in-depth cultural knowledge

professional experience

as a filmmaker

2010 “AFRICA CONT.” (20mHDV institutional doc) Production AFRICA CONT. FOUNDATION An institutional film aimed at introducing this newly created foundation to a wider audience in the art scene.

2009 “FOR ALL” (52mHDV doc) Production TEMPS D’IMAGES and JANGADA PEDRA A documentary project about the work of contemporary dance choreographer Aldara Bizarro, following a two-year community dance project with school-aged children (“Respira”).

2007/8 “I am from here” (27mHDV video art) Production FAULCONER GALLERY An experiment on the limits of documentary as a film text for the collective exhibition in Iowa USA – “Where Are You From – Contemporary Art From Portugal”.

2006 “Making of Cinema” (50mDVCam making of) Production FUNDAÇÃO CALOUSTE GULBENKIAN From the proposal to make a making of about the Cinema Directing program of the FCG Creativity and Artistic Creation program (2006), the film reflects on the philosophy of teaching at the International London Film School.

2004/05 “Sirens” (70mDVCam doc) Production LX FILMS A documentary about activist Rebecca Gomperts and her group Women on Waves, who arrived with the Abortion Boat in Portugal. Link to the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt1oe0CozxI

2004 “Black Moon” (18mDVCam doc) Production FUNDAÇÃO CALOUSTE GULBENKIAN A documentary made in the context of the Documentary Directing course conducted by Ateliers Varan (FR), included in the FCG Creativity and Artistic Creation program.

as an assistant director and editor
2005 “Bitú” (52mDVCam) Direction Leão Lopes Production LX FILMS/AFRICA DOCS A documentary about the work of popular painters on the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde.

“For all” Cultural Center Vila-Flôr. Guimarães 2010 Festival Temps d’Images. Lisbon. 2009
“I am from here” Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell USA. 2008
“Making of Cinema” Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation 2007
“Mermaids” Festival DocLisboa 2005. Film selected for the Opening Session


2011 DocEuropa III – European Documentary Show
Show of 27 films – one from each member country of the European Union (3rd edition). Apordoc Association for Documentary in partnership with Casa das Histórias Paula Rego (Cascais) and Passos Manuel Cinema (Porto). Initiative of the Representation of the European Commission in Portugal – Jacques Delors European Information Center (CIEJD)


2013 lecture in the Course of Cinema and Moving Image. Ar.co (Lisbon) 2011 Documentary Filmmaking. Training for teachers as part of DocLisboa 2011. Culturgest (Lisbon)
2009 Lectures on L. Mulvey’s Visual Pleasures. Master’s degree in Visual Arts. ESBAL (Lisbon)
2009 Lecture on Education and Cinema. Master’s degree in Cinema Directing. Higher School of Theater and Cinema (Amadora)

Catarina Santos Alves da Silva

curriculum vitae

personal information

Paris – 11/06/1965
+351 967 672 494


First language: Portuguese
Reading: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and German
Writing: Portuguese, English and French
Speaking: Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, German and Cape Verde Creole

technical skills & competences

Windows and MAC computer user
Final Cut Pro and other video pos-production software
Driving licence for cars and motorbikes, 1986 (A1, A, B1, B)Artistic partnership and video production and pós production

academic & professional background

2011 – 2003
Master’s Degree in Anthropology – Specialization in Visual Cultures – NOVA/FSCH Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (in progress)

2018 – 2021
Degree in Anthropology – ISCTE (University Institute of Lisbon, School of Social and Human Sciences). Final classification 17 out of 20.
Short Course “Art, Anthropology and Ontology” (1-14/09/2020) – CRIA (Research Network Centre in Anthropology), NOVA FCSH, FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology). Coordination Professor Filipe Verde (ISCTE and CRIA).
PRCAlentejo – collaboration as researcher in a study for the Alentejo Regional Culture Plan – OPAC (Portuguese Observatory of Cultural Activities). Coordination Professor Pedro Prista
Academic internship at the Regional Directorate for Culture, supervised by Professor Pedro Prista (ISCTE and FCT) and Dr. Carlos Pedro (DRCA)

2013 – 2014
Audiovisual Post-production Course at Restart (final average 4,4 out of 5) – Institute for Creativity, Arts and New Technologies, Lisbon

2007 – 2008
Post-graduate course in Strategic Management of Tourism Destinations – ESHTE, Estoril Higher School of Hotel Management and Tourism – Estoril

1984 – 1986
12th year of High School, area of Letters – Secondary School of Padre António Vieira, Lisbon
4th year of the General English Language Course (level 12) – The British Council, Lisbon

Course of Initiation to Sculpture – AR.CO – Centre for Art & Visual Communication, Lisbon
Professional Mannequin Course (with Helena Napoleão and Fernando Cabral) – Newlook, Lisbon

Tap Dance Intensive Course – Lisbon Dance Company (with Stephanie Munz, Mónica Lapa and Michel)
Fellow of the Intensive Summer Course, classical and contemporary dance – The Place, London School of Contemporary Dance, London

Intensive Course in Classical Dance and Modern Jazz (with national and international teachers) – II International Dance Course of Madeira, Funchal
Intensive Summer Course, Classical Dance (with international teachers) – National Dance Company, Lisbon

1977 – 1983
9th year of Basic Education – National Conservatory of Lisbon, Dance School – Specialised Artistic Course with integrated artistic and academic education. Academic curriculum, 9th year, area of letters, artistic curriculum 7th year dance.

1975 – 1977
4th year of Basic Education – Academia de Música de Santa Cecília, Lisbon – Specialized Artistic Music Course with integrated academic and artistic education, (instrument piano)

1974 – 1975
2nd Primary School – English state primary school, London

1971 – 1973
2nd year of Basic Education – public school in French language – Lycée Français Charles Le Pierre, Lisbon

film production, audiovisuals, events and theatrical productions

1990 – 1991
Executive producer – Exhibition “Cassiano Branco e o Éden” Lisbon 1991. This exhibition was commissioned by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Lisboa and occupied the entire Éden cinema in Lisbon. More than 80,000 people visited the cinema. The work consisted of the coordination and articulation of the work of the Atelier Henrique Cayatte, the Archives and the Cultural Department of the City Council of Lisbon, at the time under the councillorship of Dr. João Soares. Besides the exhibition, an importante catalogue on the architect’s work and the two films mentioned above were produced.

1987 – 1990
Head of Production / Production Assistant – Animatógrafo, Produção de Filmes, Lda. Films I’ve worked on:
“Le Procés de Baudelaire”, French feature film directed by Jean Pierre Rawson.
“1871”, English feature film produced by “Chanel 4”, directed by Ken McMullen
“Tango Bar”, French telefilm directed by Philippe Setbom
“Dede”, French feature film directed by Jean-Louis Benoit
“Le Crime de Neully”, French TV film for TF-1, directed by Claude Barrois
“Cardif”, French advertising film, produced by Claude Delon Productions
“Force 4”, French advertising film, produced by P.A.C.
“Babykini”, French advertising film, directed by Coline Serreau
“Nicole”, Japanese fashion catalogue by fashion designer Kobayashi

1986 – 1987
Assistant, production manager and roady – M.G.N., Filmes e Espectáculos, Lda. Films and shows I have worked on:
“Winter in Lisbon”, Portuguese-Spanish co-production feature film, directed by António Zorrilha with the participation of Dizzy Gillespie
“A Mulher do Próximo”, Portuguese feature film, directed by José Fonseca e Costa
“Janita Salomé”, concert at the Coliseu dos Recreios and national tour 87
“Sérgio Godinho, 86 tour”, 24 shows all over the country
“Amália Rodrigues”, concert at S. Jorge castle
“Escritáculo”, concert at the Coliseu dos Recreios, with Amália Rodrigues, Rui Velouso, Madrededeus, among others
“Pop Del Arte”, concerts on tour
“Radio Macau”, concerts on tour
“Porto Cruz”, French advertising film, produced by Filme Message, directed by Charles Palousier

dancer (classical, contemporary, jazz and tap)

Dancer and performer – as part of the formation “As Meninas de Lisboa”. A tap and jazz dance group (Catarina Santos, Aldara Bizarro, Mónica Lapa and Mizé). Performances:
“Vitorino Salomé e Meninas de Lisboa”, a performance at the Rivoli Theatre in Porto and Aula Magna in Lisbon
“Homage to Jacques Brel”, performance with the participation of Juliette Greco, Vitorino Salomé, José Mário Branco, among others at Aula Magna in Lisbon
“Cena Impossível Número 2”, a theater piece performed in Teatro da Trindade with the participation of the musicians “Telectu”, actor João D ́Ávila and tap dance performer e musician Michelle
Tap dance performance at the disco “Loucuras
Tap dance Tour in the Algarve (discos, hotels and amusement parks)
Tap dance performance in FIL for the animation of 1 exhibition hall
Dance performance for the video clip of the singer Cândida Branca Flor

1984 – 1985
Dancer and performer – for 2 séries of the weekly TV show “123”. Presented by Carlos Cruz it was the audience leader for two consecutive years on Portuguese television.

1980 – 1982
Trainee dancer – Calouste de Gulbenkian Foundation Dance Company. Directed by Jorge Salavisa. Professional training with several international teachers and choreographers.
Trainee dancer – Experimental Jazz Dance Group. Under the direction of choreographer Rui Horta. During my stay the Company made two tours 2 in Portugal, besides commercial work for fashion, advertising and industrial exhibitions.

other training

I Chin course with Manuela Bizarro
Family Constellations course in with Maria Gorjão Henriques in Espaço Amar
Mozambican Divination with Shells (Búzios) course with
Social dances (forró, samba, salsa, kizomba, blues and lindo hop
Minimalism course in Espaço Amar
Short course of Construction in adobe

social skills & competences

The essential feature of my life path is adaptability, the experience of diversity, and autonomy. From schooling lived in several languages and countries, through work as a dancer and performer, to cinema and audiovisuals, and finally the fashion industry and tourism, my path is characterised by permanent exposure to new environments both social and cultural. Another characteristic to highlight is the bridge/pivot work, which started with the production of French films, where I was placed as an interpreter and scout, at the beginning of the productions, between foreign and Portuguese productions. Later I performed the same functions for the Municipality of Lisbon, at the Cassiano Branco Exhibition as the Municipality´s anchor before all the other project teams. And in again the 2 TV live broadcasts of “games without frontiers” in which I coordinated the relationship between the Municipality leaders and the RTP teams. In my work as a producer of director Edgar Pêra’s films I was the bridge between a director with a particularly rebellious avant-garde work and the remaining stakeholders – the artists, the film crews, the institutions that are indispensable to production, the financiers, the television stations, the festivals, etc.
The work in Germany added nuances to this instrument. Here the first task was to create a “standard” language between the purchasing team in Germany and the production teams in Korean, China, India, Thailand, etc. Here, too, it was necessary to develop scouting skills and learn to travel to the main fashion capitals to determine which trends would take hold in the coming seasons. Later I developed the first real design and fashion office that the then rapidly expanding company needed.

organisational skills & competences

Organisational and leadership skills began to develop as manager of the group “As Meninas de Lisboa”. These competencies developed at MGN with the work in musical tours throughout the country. Later came the audiovisual productions, in which all work is characterised by the complexity of the projects that require the coordination of various teams, often multicultural, by the extreme mobility of production locations, as well as by speed: films are expensive objects that rely on short-lived and immediate structures. The logistics of cinema resembles military logistics in some ways. Its final objective, which is the creation of the fantastic, presupposes an ever-changing work platform. It values improvisation and adaptability. Adaptability also affects private and personal life – you have to find a new job at each end of a completed one.
Organisational skills based on an annual, continuous and structured model have been developed through work in Germany in the apparel industry and in Cape Verde with the creation of the tourist complex Casa Café Mindelo, which opened in 2004 and has continued its cyclical life ever since. This apprenticeship was not a peaceful one as it required a radical change in behavioural parameters and objectives. My challenge will always be to reconcile the best of these two worlds paradigms.

partnership with Amadeo Campos Lopes and Gonçalo Leandro

2021 – 2022
Video editing, production e artistic collaboration for the creation of the Youtube Channel in for a net of companies working with conservation, artistic residencies, crafts workshops and environmental education with film director Amadeo Campos Lopes, CEO of Way of Arts (https://www.wayofarts.com) Gonçalo Leandro and DaST landscape collector Frédéric Coustols (https://designasustainabletomorrow.com)

artistic partnership with choreographer Aldara Bizarro

• The artistic partnership with Aldara Bizarro was organized through the artistic production structure Jangada de Pedra funded by the Ministry of Culture of Portugal (DGARTES). This partnership was initiated in 2010 and had as objectives the creation of performances, workshops and games linked to contemporary dance and education. The work involved video production (for and capturing the pieces) but also artistic collaboration and accompanying the pieces on tour. All the following projects are directed by Aldara Bizarro and produced by Jangada until its extinction in 2014.
• Supporting the dramaturgy and directing the video of the piece “Sombra” (2018). A dance performance for young people that explores the physical and philosophical phenomenon of the shadow. Performers Manuel Henriques and Michel, music Simão Costa, set design Madalena Matoso, co-production Centro de Arte de Ovar/ Centro de Artes e Espetáculos de Sever do Vouga/ CCB Fábrica das Artes.
• Video creation for the dance piece “Eu Estou a Levantar o Braço” (2018). A show that results from SMUP’s Contemporary Dance Creation Workshop directed by Aldara Bizarro. Music by Marco Franco
• Video creation for the dance piece “Inside Outside” (2017). A show that results from the Contemporary Dance Creation Workshop of SMUP directed by Aldara Bizarro. Music Ricardo Jacinto (cello) and Maria Radich (voice)
• Video creation for the dance piece “Andamento” (2016). A show that results from the Artistic creation workshop with SMUP (https://www.smup.pt) directed by Aldara Bizarro. Music by Marco Franco
• Video creation for the piece “Newton’s Lines” (2014). A dance performance for young people about geometry and physics. Performer Yola Pinto, music Fernando Mota, set design David Bernardino, co-production Rede 5 Sentidos/Teatro Viriato/Centro Cultural Vila Flor/ Temps D’Images.
• Video creation of the dance piece “Desses Filhos Queridos da Fantasia” (2014), at FESTA OVAR festival. Aldara Bizarro and Companhia Vieira, co-production Centro de Arte de Ovar
• Video creation, a collaboration with Aldara Bizarro for the artistic creation research project 10×10 (2013). An iniciative of Gulbenkian Foundation which over the five years, brought artists and teachers from various secondary school into collaboration with the aim of developing effective learning strategies to capture the attention, motivation and involvement of students in the classroom. This research has beeb integrated in the new National Plan for the Arts (Plano Nacional das Artes https://www.pna.gov.pt), which aims at bringing into collaboration the arts and the education systems in Portugal
• Video creation for the dance piece “Eu Estou a Levantar o Braço” (2018). A show that resulted from a collaboration with SMUP’s and the Contemporary Dance Creation Workshop directed by Aldara Bizarro. Music by Marco Franco
• Production of the tour of the dance piece “A Nova Bailarina” in Mindelo Cape Verde (2013). Participatory show for young people co-produced in Cape Verde with the participation of Camões Institute in Mindelo, the Mindelo Cultural Center and Casa Café Mindelo
• Video creation for the dance piece “CARA” (2012-2013). Participatory show for young people about the history of Portugal. Interpreter Isabel Costa, music Víctor Rua, co-production Aldara Bizarro/ Teatro Maria Matos/Cine -Teatro Municipal João Mota, Teatro Maria Matos/Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture
• Dance and video creation workshop for young people “Rosetas” (2012). A participatory workshop for young people in partnership with Aldara Bizarro for Belém Cultural Centre: Factory of Arts (https://fabricadasartes.ccb.pt)
• Video Creation, tour of dance piece “O Baile” (2011-2012). A Community Dance piece created to integrated the festival “Serralves em Festa” (https://www.serralves.pt/institucional-serralves/serralves-em-festa/). Co-production Serralves Foundation and Manobras do Porto. Music by Artur Fernandes
• Video creation of 2 works for the dance piece “Mentira e Autenticidade” (Lie and Authenticity) (2011-2012). Integrated in Projecto Respira II, an artistic experimentation allied to the creation of a dance show with young people. Supported by DGArtes, Ministry of Education and the UNESCO National Commission. Music Nuno Cintrão, costume and props Carlota Lagido and Isabel Perez, co-production CCB Fábrica das Artes/ Cine-Teatro de Estarreja
• Video creation for the dance piece “The New Ballerina” (2011). Participatory show for young people about Democracy. Performer Costanza Givone, music Fernando Mota, co-production CCB Fábrica das Artes/ Jangada de Pedra and several theatres and cultural centres
• Artistic creation in video with young people and video production of the dance piece “Os Nossos Direitos” (2010/2011). This was a process of artistic experimentation in a school environment, combined with the creation of a contemporary dance piece. This process, which integrated movement, music, photography, video and digital creation with IPAD, involved the students and teachers of Colégio da Arrábida throughout the school year. The music creation was directed by Pedro Condinho. It was the adaptation in practice of the intense research work that Aldara Bizarro developed between 2007-2012 and which involved the participation of the DGArtes, the Ministry of Education and the support of the UNESCO National Commission, as well as numerous artists and academics.
• Video creation of the dance piece “Personagens de Água” (2010). Participatory show for young people about the properties of water. Performer and co-creation Maria Radich and Tânia Matos, music Anthony Wheeldon, co-production CCB Fábrica das Artes/ Jangada de Pedra/ Câmara Municipal de Cascais
• Production of the tour of the dance piece “A Casa” (2010). A dance show for young people that revolves around each person’s ideal home. Performers Alban Hall, Costanza Givone and Maria Radich, music Paulo Curado, co-production Teatro Maria Matos/Artemrede/A Oficina/ Centro Cultural Vila Flor Teatro Municipal de Faro
• Video production of the play “La Meseta” (2010). This performance explores the “performative taxonomy of the relationship between Portugal and Spain” and was conceived for the Alcultur meetings in Zaragoza. Co-creation and performer Víctor Roriz, music Carlos Seixas, co-production Cultideias

hospitality management - Cape Verde

2000 – 2013
Managing Partner of the establishment Casa Café Mindelo and of the company Contempo, Turismo e Comunicação, Lda. The project consisted in the purchase and remodelling of a building dating from 1870 in the historical centre of the city of Mindelo in Cape Verde and the installation of a tourism complex combining a small hotel unit with a café-restaurant. It has developed a programme of meetings and gatherings in partnership with the Camões Institute and Mindelact (a lusophone theatre festival). In 2013 I ceded the operation of the establishment to another company and returned to Lisbon.

purchasing consultant, fashion accessories - Cologne, Germany

1997 – 1999
Buying Consultant, fashion accessories – Beeline, GmbH, see: www.beeline-group.com. The work consisted in the implementation of new strategies for the design and presentation of collections, standardization of working procedures between different countries and cultures, research and product development.

1995 – 1997
Buying Manager, fashion accessories – Merry Go Round, GmbH. The work consisted of restructuring the product and company image, creating the first design team for the label, expanding the sales outlets (300 new outlets in Germany and Austria). Merry Go Round was subsequently acquired by Beeline, GmbH. with the aim of incorporating its strategy and the model of its design office.

1994 – 1995
• Head of Production – CML (Municipality of Lisbon) – Department of Culture
“Festas de Lisboa” – Production of the Annual traditional city’s Festivities
“Jogos Sem Fronteiras” – production os 2 live broadcasts of the programme held outdoors near the historical site of “Torre de Belém” in Lisboa.
• Production Assistant – Moda Lisboa Association
Moda Lisboa Fashion Week (https://www.modalisboa.pt/pt)
• Production – D&D, Audiovisuais, S.A.
Chefe of production of the TV Series “Só Riso”
Coordinator of the logistical planning of circa 10 production teams
Budgeting and planning of programmes for approval by foreign and national broadcasters
• Endemol, Entertainment, S.A. – Lisbon
Research and text preparation for the reality TV series “Forgive me”.

partnership with film director Edgar Pêra

1993 – 1994
• This work involved the financing, production and dissemination in festivals of various author films, films essay and documentaries in collaboration with the Lisbon City Council, cultural associations and other film production houses.
• Production Director, “Manual de Evasão LX 94” (1994), a fiction-essay on the nature of time with statements by Terence McKenna, Rudy Rucker and Robert Anton Wilson , 63′ in film, commissioned by the Commission for the preparations of Lisbon European Capital of Culture 94. Producer: Companhia de Filmes do Príncipe Real
• Executive producer, “SWK4” (1993), a fiction-manifesto, 33′ in film and video, commissioned by the Centro Cultural de Belém for the centenary celebrations of the futuristic artist “Almada Negreiros”. Producer: Principe Real Film Company. The film has been exhibited in Serbia, Poland, Ireland, etc
• Producer, “Abreu” (1993), a videoclip for the band with the same name
• Executive producer, “O Trabalho Liberta?”, 1993, documentary-essay, 23′ in film and video, with the participation of Agostinho da Silva, Paulo Varela Gomes, Herman José, Paulo Borges, António Bracinha Vieira, Herman José, José Luis Judas, Ruben de Carvalho and Irmãos Catita. A co-production with Valentim de Carvalho Studios and the Franco-German TV channel ARTE. The film was awarded by the “Festival International du Film D ́Art” 1993, Centre Pompidou, Paris.
• Executive producer, “Trans-World Fligt to Expo 98” (1992). Commissioned by “Comissão dos Descobrimentos” to be the official film of the candidacy of Portugal to Expo 98. It was exhibited in Seville’s EXPO 92.
• Production Director, “War or Peace?”, 17′ in film and video. Producer: Núcleo dos Cineasta Independentes. Presented at Fantasporto film festival in Porto 1992 and No Budget Festival, in Germany
• Executive producer, Trans-World Fligt to Expo 98, documentary on the work of the modernist architect Cassiano Branco, 23′ in 16mm film, commissioned by the Cultural Department of Municipality of to be part of an exhibition dedicated to the architect that occupied the entire Éden Cinema. Granted the Grand Prize of the Biennale International du Film D’architecture 1991 and the Critics Award at the Montreal Art Film Festival 1991
• Production Director, “Vida e Obra de Cassiano Branco” (1991), documentary on the life and work of the modernist architect Cassiano Branco, 60′ in 16mm, video and archive footage, commissioned by the Portuguese TV channel RTP 2

Inês Caeiro

curriculum vitae

personal information

T.: +351 930 421 074
E-mail: caeiroines2@gmail.com


Driven & Motovated: To understand and stimulate the inter-relationships between humans at a deeper level, in order to enhance quality of life multidimensionally; To provide new opportunities to social groups that are not understood or devalued.


Portuguese: Fluente (written and spoken)
English: Fluente (written and spoken)

social skills

Observant; Communicative; Responsible; Flexible; Collaborative; Creative.

technical skills

Powerpoint; Excel; Microsoft Office.


I volunteered at the “Focinhos e Bigodes” animal shelter in Lisbon. I participated in the volunteer project of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Lisbon, the AGAP project, which is related to emotional support for children in delicate situations.


Pedro Nunes Secondary School:
2014 – 2017 – 3rd cycle: 7th to 9th Grade;
2017 – 2021 – Secondary Education – Average grade 13.75
Sciences and Technologies Course: 10th/12th Grade

Camões Secondary School:
2021 – 2022 – Night Recurring Education – Mathematics A
Economics Course: 12th Grade

ISPA – Higher Institute of Applied Psychology:
2021 – ongoing – Psychology course

professional experience

I worked with Banana Café at the company’s side events, such as the “Santos Populares”.
Currently, I work part-time as a collaborator at Fix Chiq, as front-of-house in theater venues, such as the Tivoli, Casino de Lisboa, and Aula Magna.

interests & hobbies

Participation and co-creation in the P.E.D.R.A Project by Francisco Camacho, designed and created with the aim of promoting knowledge and participation of young people in contemporary dance. (Culturgest, Porto Municipal Theater, and Teatro Viriato). And currently a student at JAZZY. (Dance School of Lisbon)

Cinema and Theater:
A film enthusiast due to family tradition. A way to learn, get to know the other, and value the difference. Movies that touched me due to the psychological depth of the characters include: “La Vita è Bella” by Roberto Benigni, “The Beaver” by Jodie Foster, “The Miracle in Cell No. 7” by Mehmet Ada Oztekin, as well as numerous classics by Hitchcock. And a regular spectator of performances by companies of various scales and in numerous places. In theater, the mind is explored in detail.

Former athlete at Ginásio Clube Português 2014 – 2021; A comprehensive experience with a representation class with which I traveled to countries like Norway, (World Gym for Life 2017) and Austria (World Gymnaestrada, 2019).